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CNN, Forbes, Access Hollywood, and more,

Meet Dara Torres, the most decorated US female Olympic athlete of all-time. When it comes to inspiring others with passion, dedication, and strength, Dara’s story is unlike any other. NY Times best-selling author, fitness advocate, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and mother, she started her career on the international stage by breaking her first world record at the age of only 15. If you are looking to bring in a powerhouse athlete to your next speaking event, Dara is your #1 choice to engage and inspire audiences. Book Top Olympic Speaker, Dara Torres today!

Who is Dara Torres?

Torres, who owns 4 gold, 4 silver, and 4 bronze Olympic medals, was always someone who competed for the challenge of doing what no one else has ever done. Dara is the only American athlete who made it to 26 years on the Olympic stage. As a result, this serves as the backdrop for Dara’s incredibly motivating speeches.

Additionally, Dara is an entrepreneur and has invested in several companies including CaniBrands, a leading CBD company in addition to owning equity in two Barre Method studios.

“I always remember my father being in business for himself, so I am sure that is where I got the hunger for wanting to be involved with ownership. I love the competition and the passion to succeed so my skills are always getting better, but my desire to make my companies great is always there!”

Dara Torres, Olympic Motivational Speaker

Whether you are hosting a corporate, school, or another event, hear how this world-renowned Olympian earned her success

Dara’s Speaking Experience

After being a spokesperson for a wide variety of companies, Dara knows how to connect with the camera and an audience. She has represented Toyota, Quaker Oats, Speedo, CaniBrands, Amlactin, and others. CBS Sports’ We Need To Talk, features Dara on a regular basis, focusing on women’s perspective of sports.

Featured in some of the top media platforms, Dara reaches a variety of audiences. Media platforms include CNN, Forbes, Access Hollywood, and more,

“Dara was fantastic! Standing “O” for opening and closing. Couldn’t have been easier to work with. Lots of take-a-way value for our attendees…plus she is gorgeous!”


As one of the most requested female keynote speakers, Dara captivates audiences with her story of overcoming obstacles. She shares personal and inspiring stories involving injuries, eating disorders, and more, Torres earned a place in the United States Olympic Committee’s Hall of Fame in 2019.

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Dara’s message is that if she can do it, so can you. Give your audience a boost of confidence and determination. Book Dara Torres for your next unforgettable event!

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